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About us

Since 2010, ART AFFRESCO factory has been engaged in wall decoration, creating and manufacturing unique seamless murals. Over the past years, we have implemented more than 30,000 objects, using uniquely designed murals and wall panels in a variety of rooms: in apartments and country houses, in cafes and restaurants, in offices and shopping centers.

Today our team consists of 25 employees – they are the best designers, painters and craftsmen. Professionalism, experience and modern technologies allow us to solve the most intricate and unusual tasks of wall decoration. ART AFFRESCO wall murals are handmade, each texture is created by its craftsman and his hands – our main tool. We create exclusive collections in cooperation with modern painters. Therefore, each detail (the image, texture, size of the wall murals) is selected specially for you.

News from the ArtAffresco
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